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We’ve now opened up our lovely Dunworley House for rental.

If all three properties are rented we can sleep 23 people


We do not accept pets as some people may be allergic.

The rates quoted are for accommodation only, they does not include film location fees. Filming is not permitted at our cottages without prior written agreement. Please ask Gilly for our film location & catering fees.

The cottages maximum numbers are listed on Airbnb and include infants, we ask that the guests respect this and do not have parties. Parties can only  be hosted if the guests have our permission and we are catering for the party.

The heating is on a timer, we would like the guest to ask permission if they would like to override the system and to pay for the extra fuel used.

We would like guests to turn off electrical appliances and lights when they are not in the cottage.

We would like the guests to be careful not to damage the furniture and to use the coasters provided when putting plates/mugs/glasses down.

We have little dogs who run under cars, please drive in and out of the property very slowly.

Thank you for respecting our rules :)